Silver & Copper Collection

I promised new fun items in 2021! The goal was to find unique pieces, preferably made from the vision of other talented artists, that would still compliment my Brand.  These copper and sterling silver pieces are hand made by a fabulous metal jewelry designer out of Michigan and a  immediately loved the rustic yet contemporary feel of her pieces.  We collaborated on a number of Tiger Town pieces for my Clemson peeps, in addition to a few just generally beautiful pieces.  Hope you love as much as I do!  - Karen
Care: Copper may darken over time depending on conditions. You can return the metal to its original patina by lightly brushing with a #0000 steel wool from the hardware store. The copper chains have been protected.
Although we try to keep a few pieces in stock, please allow up to 14 days to receive as most of the time these will be hand-made just for you upon ordering!

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