Karen's Story

A word from Karen Alley, Owner/Designer/Artist:

I discovered my love and talent for art while growing up along the coast of South Carolina.  As much as I loved art, I never considered seeking a degree in it, but instead obtained a business degree from my beloved Clemson University.  Fast-forward a few years: I married, became a young mom of two active, sports-obsessed sons, and worked as a fitness instructor, owning my own business. Suffice it to say, I learned what it truly meant to be on the go.

Once my kids were old enough, my art went from “dabbling”, to passion, to full-blown career.  I worked for more than a decade as a commissioned and gallery-represented artist in Charlotte, N.C, mainly working in oils, painting contemporary landscapes;  however, between trying to find time for a workout, friends, my art, juggling the family schedule, ball games and a couple of labrador retrievers, I found myself gravitating to mediums that allowed me to work faster and more productively. I turned to abstracts, working in acrylics and inks, experimenting with this new direction where art and my love for exercise (and obsession for activewear) overlapped, and where the idea of k. alley lifestyle was born!

Besides being bold and abstract, I demand that my activewear be practical. Because let’s face it: I’m picky.  I’ve tried just about everything out there. I insist that my clothing be both stylish and comfortable — pieces that can seamlessly transition from a Pilates class to my art studio to the tailgate, etc...  So, I set out to create bold, beautiful wardrobe staples for everyday busy life.

All the prints used on our leggings (and many other items) incorporate my own artwork — not those of some company halfway across the planet. I have, quite literally, poured my best work into these products. They are designed with love and sewn with soul — and I hope you love wearing them as much as I have enjoyed creating them.

For a bit more about my design process click here.

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