I discovered my love and talent for art while growing up along the coast of South Carolina.  As much as I loved art, I never considered seeking a degree in it, but instead obtained a business degree from my beloved Clemson University.  Fast-forward a few years: I married, became a young mom of two active, sports-obsessed sons, and worked as a fitness instructor, owning my own business. Suffice it to say, I learned what it truly meant to be on the go.

Once my kids were old enough, my art went from “dabbling”, to passion, to full-blown career.  I worked for more than a decade as a commissioned and gallery-represented artist in Charlotte, N.C, mainly working in oils, painting contemporary landscapes;  however, an increasing busy schedule led me to gravitate to mediums that allowed me to work faster and more productively. I turned to abstracts, working in acrylics, inks, and even digital design.

In 2019 I started this small business as an activewear brand, with prints from my own artwork, and then threw in a few Clemson Tiger products just for fun.  As my "Tiger Shop" products began take over the majority of sales, I focused more and more on that niche. It soon became about 90% of my business! So, now in 2024, I have officially made it 100% of my business!

Most of my products incorporate my own art and designs — not those of some company halfway across the planet. I have also curated a collection of jewelry created by other artisans from around the country that I love, as well as other tiger related products I feel this group will enjoy! I hope you will find an entire line of "Tiger" items in "The Tiger Shop" that you will not find anywhere else. They are created with love and Tiger spirit — and I hope you love wearing/using them as much as I have enjoyed creating them.