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We are a small business and the majority of our products are produced once you place your order. The typical time frame to receive products is 7-10 business days. However, this can vary depending on the manufacturer and if it is a product we stock or not. For a small business, this reduces inventory, shipping costs, and helps keep wasted products/sizes at a minimum. We regularly update approximate fulfillment times on each product’s page within the description. Please check this info when ordering gifts, especially during Holiday season. Also, please note that if you order more than one type item, it is probable they will arrive separately from different manufacturers. Our products are unique and we hope they are worth a little extra wait! I appreciate your patience and your business! - Karen

Welcome to k. alley lifestyle!  

I am Karen Alley, owner/designer/artist (and all other titles!).  This is my small business, based out of Charlotte, N.C. We have been providing beautiful, unique activewear and lifestyle products since January 2019. Our flagship products are our bold, beautiful leggings, created from my own artwork and unique to us, but we have so much more than that, including an entire line of Tiger Shop items for my fellow Clemson alums and fans!

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