Fulfillment Times:

Unique beauty can’t be mass-produced, right? That’s why most of our products are made to order. The typical time frame to receive products is 7-10 business days, but several can take up to 3 weeks. This varies depending on the manufacturer and if it is a product in *stock or not. For a small business, this reduces inventory and shipping costs, and helps keep wasted products/sizes at a minimum. I try to regularly update approximate fulfillment times on each product’s page within the description. Please check this info when ordering, especially during Holiday season.

It is normal if you order more than one item for them to arrive separately as they may be coming from different locations. 

Fulfillment Locations:

As much as I would like to find production partners located only in the USA, for many reasons, this is just not feasible.  The partners I use are located all over the world including the United States, Mexico, Latvia, China, Sweden, India, and Canada to name a few.  I spend a lot of time sampling different products to find ones that are of high quality and that my customers will like. 

*Stocked Items:

*If a product says it is a “stocked item” this means that it cannot be shipped direct to you from the manufacturer, and I must have stock on hand.  There will be occasions when I run out of an item and waiting on a restock.  The system will not let you purchase the item and will say “out of stock”. You are encouraged to click on the red banner to be notified when the item is back in stock!

The only downfall I can find for direct shipping to the customer is I don’t get to put my own quality control eyes on them.  Most of these manufacturers I have used for quite a while now and have had very few issues.  However,  please check your products as soon as you get them and let me know if there are any issues!

Our products are unique, and I hope they are worth a little extra wait!

I appreciate your patience and your business! - Karen