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2020 was a tough year for all of us.  Dealing with a pandemic, racial tensions, political tensions, and uncertainty in every aspect of our lives.  I was raised to believe all people are good, and to love our neighbors whether we always agreed with them or not.  It’s having respect for all human kind.  One of my favorite phrases, and also one which I believe if we all put into practice would solve 99% of our issues, is "CHOOSE KINDNESS".  Even when you might not want to - choose it anyway!  This legging is my “statement piece”.  "Choose Kindness", because of the script writing up the leg only comes in a Full length and a sports bra. - Karen
Please note, although we keep a small amount of inventory, most of our products are made upon ordering (10-14 days). As a small business this helps us keep inventory low and waste down. A win, win for all, and we think they're worth the wait!

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