I want to give you an update on changes to the way you receive some products from me.  When I started this business, I wanted to touch every piece of merchandise before it shipped out in “cute” packaging with inserts to make things special for my customers…. and I still do!  However, as with any business, I’ve had to assess and make some changes that make the most sense for long term success.
Many of the manufacturers I use offer “drop-shipping”, where they ship orders directly to the customer once a product is printed, cut, and sewn.  I don’t get to touch everything first – but, I have used these manufacturers long enough now to know what the quality is and I have very few issues.  It also means no cute tissue paper and packaging for those items, but the package will have my logo on the shipping label, so you know it’s from me!  You will get some items a few days quicker than before and others may take a few days longer. The general time frame will be 7-10 days.  For me, I am not paying the extra shipping (to me first) and don’t have to keep physical inventory of these items.  BTW – any shipping you pay is one way to you and I never mark that up, it is exactly what the carrier charges.
This change will start to take place now as I deplete inventory and switch those items to drop-shipping.  It will mainly affect printed leggings, tops, and sports bras, including many of our t-shirts and sweatshirts.  If you place an order that has both drop-shipped items as well as physically stocked items, you will simply receive them separately.  If you have any issues with drop-shipped items, you will contact me as normal.
Thank you for understanding that small businesses don't always work at the speed of Amazon.  We hope our products are worth a little extra wait!  As always, your business is VERY much appreciated!